August 21

Recognizing the Signs

Hello friend
and welcome to The Garden.

Today I went to a nearby park
and today had a strange experience
as I was walking in woods.

Nobody was there
and when I looked down
I saw all these little tiny
blue flowers in full bloom.
I almost felt guilty to walk there
and step on them.
In my heart I uttered a little prayer
praising God
for His wonderful creation.

In the Gospel Jesus chides
the people of His time:
"This generation is an evil generation;
it seeks a sign, but no sign will be given it,
except the sign of Jonah,
...... and there is something
greater than Jonah here."

Indeed, there was something far greater
than anyone could imagine:
Jesus, the Son of God
and the Son of Mary.

There were then and there are today
all kinds of signs God gives us.

Every little flower blooming with life,
every star shining in the dark sky
-- everything that is good
comes from God
and calls us to God,
their Creator and ours.

We shouldn't ask for new
signs of God's love
but rather pray:
"Lord, that I might see."

To see not simply
with my physical eyes
but to see with the heart,
with the eyes of faith.

God's blessings.
Father Peter