April 25 

Hello Friend as we welcome in another day.
I have a friend who often asks me
if we are getting close to the end of time.
People from the days of Jesus asked the same question
and many expected it to happen very soon,
especially after Jesus ascended into Heaven.
Maybe people were asking Luke the same question
and of course he believed the parousia
(Jesus Second Coming) to be a reality
that will happen unexpectedly.
But Luke is more concerned with presenting
the words and deeds of Jesus
as guides for the conduct of Christian disciples.
He does this by regularly emphasizing the words
"each day"in the sayings of Jesus.
In other words he stresses the interim
between the ascension and the parousia.
He presents Jesus as the model of
life and piety in our daily life.
Isn't it true we sometimes think too much
of what is down the road and neglect to see
what we have right here and now.
We have happiness perhaps but don't see it;
have opportunities to do good but don't notice them.
A good part of a happy and holy life
is being sensitive and grateful for what I have now
and using the graces I have today.
"Jesus is coming but only God knows when."
In the meantime have a great day.
With blessings.
Father Peter