December 8   

Hello Friend. Hope all goes well with you.
The other day I dropped into a Church
to make a little visit to the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
I don't know just how much I prayed
because there was a organ tuner in the choir loft
tuning the pipe organ.
Peep-peep and more peep-peeps.
It sounded okay to me but that's because
I'm no piano or pipe organ tuner.
But the thought struck me
what sounds okay to me
doesn't quite sound right to a professional tuner.
Our conscience is like this.
People can dull their conscience
so that it no longer indicates what is flat or sharp in life.
They can't distinguish the difference between good and bad
- and that's pretty bad.
I believe it was Pope John Paul II
who said that one of the sins of our modern age
is that we've lost a sense of sin or evil.
As we come to the count down of another year
and prepare for Christmas
it's good for all of us to re-set or tune-up our hearts.
Lord forgive me my sins and
let me hear what I should correct in my life.
Today's keyword
"Speak Lord, your servant listens"
Have another great day
and hope to meet you here tomorrow.
Father Peter