April 7


Hello friend.
Thanks for coming to the Garden.

Shakespeare said
life is a stage and men and women are the actors.

A tremendous observation and so well expressed.
It really gets one thinking.

First of all what strikes me is
that God writes the script and determines what part we play.

The second thing is we really don't have the time to rehearse.
We step right onto the stage and
immediately start living our part.
So we enter from one side of the stage called birth
and exit at the other side called death.

There are no exceptions; everybody enters and exits.
It really doesn't matter how big or small a part God gives us.
Far more important is the way we live that part.
That's what determines the value of a person and his or her life.

There is no one who doesn't make mistakes on that stage.
The important thing is to get back to where we should be,
living the part God has given each of us.

"Lord help me know what You want and live it"
Have a great day.
Bye for now and God bless!
Father Peter