June 3  

Another great day
and thanks for joining me here in The Garden.
I got this story straight from the individual herself
so let me tell it as it is.
She worked and still works in a hospice
caring for those preparing to die.
The old man she was caring for hadn't seen his son for years.
"Shall I notify your son?"
she asked the dying man.
"No, don't bother calling him" he replied.
Not too long after the man died
- of course without seeing his son.
Wow! This struck the volunteer worker like a bolt of lightning.
It was not just at seeing the man die alone
without being reconciled to his son.
What struck here was the fact
she was travelling the same road.
For 23 years she hadn't heard from
or contacted her own father.
She couldn't forgive him and never wanted to see him again
- that is until she saw that old man die alone.
How sad it is that some people die estranged
from the very people who were the center of their lives;
people they should be closest to.
That nurse realized this vividly
in seeing that man die alone
she lost no time searching for her own dad
hoping he was still alive.
She found him and not only forgave him
but asked for forgiveness.
Very often apologizing and asking for forgiveness
is half of forgiving.
They were reconciled and that is the
happy ending to her story.
Jesus told us:
"Forgive and you shall be forgiven"
God's love and blessings for another great day.
Father Peter