August 21


Hello friend and
once again welcome!

The fact of a person dieing
and coming back to life
is not easy for anybody to believe
and the same could be said
of the apostles
after Christ's Resurrection.

Even though they saw Him
they couldn't believe their eyes;
at least that is the impression
one gets from reading the Gospels.

But despite their human weakness
Jesus' divine mercy surpassed their

"He said to them,
'Go into the whole world
and proclaim the Gospel
to every creature.'"

In other words,
share what you received.
Convey the Good News
that people are loved
and made for eternal bliss.

Life is give and take.
Faith is much the same.
We are blessed, you might say,
in order to bless.

What blessings we receive from God
we should gladly
share with others.
That's proclaiming the Gospel in action.

Have another great day
and God's blessings.
Father Peter